7 Benefits of Using Artificial Turf for Pool Landscaping

July 15, 2022

Many people surround their backyard swimming pools with concrete, asphalt, or stone decks, but it might be time to break that tradition. These surfaces tend to bake under the sun’s hot rays, making it uncomfortable to walk, sit, or lie on these surfaces. 

You’ll create a more comfortable pool deck and enjoy seven great benefits when you install artificial turf around your home’s swimming pool. 

1. Create a Safer Surface

Hard surfaces like concrete or bricks become slippery once swimmers splash water on them. Combine the slick nature of those wet surfaces with running children, and you have an accident waiting to happen. When you install artificial grass around pool areas, you’ll provide a surface that’s not as slippery as other surfaces.

Even though accidents won’t be as common, they may still happen. When someone slips and falls on your synthetic grass, they will land on a softer surface. The extra cushion the turf provides will reduce the severity of injuries. 

2. Keep a Cleaner Pool

When anyone exits your pool, you might notice that the first thing they do is run for the grass. This is a common way to avoid spending too much time on hot concrete under the summer sun. Unfortunately, this is how grass clippings, soil, stones, and other debris gets tracked into your pool. 

When you surround your pool with artificial grass, you can reduce the amount of debris swimmers track into the water. Since they won’t have to run to the real grass, their feet won’t pick up anything that doesn’t belong in the pool. They can stay on the cool artificial turf that covers the deck.

3. Save on Landscaping Costs

When it comes to backyard landscaping, your natural grass requires a great deal of care to keep it green and healthy. In addition to trimming the grass, you may need to add soil treatments and water it frequently. Depending on how quickly your grass grows, this can become time-consuming.

Synthetic turf doesn’t need that same level of care. It won’t grow or turn yellow, so you won’t have to worry about keeping it trimmed and healthy. 

Aside from the installation, the only work you’ll have to put into maintaining it is to hose it down from time to time. Spraying a little water will be enough to flush away any dirt and grime that gathers on the turf.

4. Get Better Water Drainage

A natural lawn will frequently become oversaturated with pool water if you surround your pool with soil and natural grass. This oversaturation creates a mess as the water pools and forms mud, which swimmers will track into the pool and possibly into your home.

You can avoid this situation by installing artificial turf around pool areas. You’ll still have that lush green appearance but without the underlying layer of soil. As a result, the pool water will drain back into the pool without making a muddy mess.

5. Bring the Golf Course to Your Yard

If you’re an active golfer, you can get in a bit of practice by using artificial turf to create putting greens around your pool. Even if you don’t have a large yard, you probably have enough room to build a small range for practice.

Playing a simple round of golf in your yard is a great way to relax. As you play, you can also keep an eye on your children in the pool. This addition is an opportunity for the whole family to have fun doing the activities you each enjoy. 

6. Reduce the Sun’s Glare

A concrete surface tends to glare as the sun’s rays hit it. Even if you have colored concrete, those harsh rays will bleach the concrete and discolor the surface. This glare will make it difficult to see clearly, leading to diving and swimming accidents. Anyone can take a wrong step and fall into the pool if the ray is strong enough.

An artificial turf pool deck solves this problem. The turf won’t reflect sunlight, so you’ll eliminate the glare. Additionally, the sun won’t dull the turf’s green hue. It will look as vibrant after a year as it did on day one.

7. Make a Safer Play Area for Children

When your deck consists of a hard surface, there’s a greater chance that your young children will hurt themselves. While they might not suffer a severe injury, playing on concrete or bricks can lead to abrasions, scraped skin, and other minor skin irritations. 

When you install child-safe turf, you’ll create a softer place for your kids to play. Your children will be happier and get more enjoyment from their time in the sun. 

You can also rest easier, knowing there will be fewer skinned knees to bandage. Since children tend to play rough, giving them a softer surface with a better cushion will also reduce sprains and strains.

Professional Installation Saves Time and Money

When installing artificial grass around pool areas, it’s best to turn to a professional. A professional turf supplier can help you save time, effort, and money on the project. With a professional installer, you’ll get the high-quality results you envision, and you’ll get to enjoy the broad range of benefits of turf that much sooner.