Perfect Your Short Game with Artificial Golf Turf

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Backyard Putting Greens by Magnolia Turf

3-Putt no more! We design our synthetic putting greens to offer a solution that improves your short game! We offer professional-grade putting greens with creative undulation and design.

Magnolia Turf can create a professionally styled and designed architectural focal point for your home, work environment, or practice facility. We have in-house designers with years of golf industry experience and dozens of attractive green designs. Our trained staff makes the difference!

Putting Green Features

What’s our secret to professional putting green turf? We design our putting greens with the love of the game in mind.

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    Superior Drainage

    We use a limestone subbase for efficient draining, better than decomposed granite and crushed concrete. Our system allows puddles to filter through faster, so you can get back to tee-time.

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    Antimicrobial Technology:

    Our artificial golf turf is coated in Microban to keep turf cleaner for longer. Microban inhibits bacteria, mold, and mildew growth, so your Texas putting green looks like new.

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    We offer three professional-grade golf turf styles. We’ve thoroughly tested True Putt, P.E. Putt, and Nylon Putt to meet the standards of professional golfers.

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    Imitates Real Bentgrass

    Magnolia Turf’s golf greens give the Texas golfer of any skill level the ability to simulate the feel and roll of true bentgrass.

Why Use Professional Putting Green Turf?

Artificial golf turf is a dream for golf fanatics in Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and other major Texas cities. We also install synthetic putting greens in Florida cities like Miami and West Palm Beach. Here’s why our putting green turf is the best in the business.

  • Unlimited Tee-Time

    Backyard putting greens make practicing your stroke or becoming an expert mini-golfer ever accessible. Whether your course is at home or the office, you’ll be the envy of golf connoisseurs in no time.

  • Reduces Ongoing Costs

    Installing a golf course for personal use saves you money on membership fees, maintenance costs, and gas.

  • Increases Property Value

    Installing a putting green on your property can be an excellent investment. As a high-end, low-maintenance feature, putting greens often increase your real estate value, especially in areas where golf is popular.

  • Low Maintenance

    Artificial golf turf is a low-maintenance solution for backyard or professional putting greens. Significantly reduce the time spent on landscaping while playing on a more beautiful golf course.

  • Simple Installation

    Installing artificial golf turf is simple when working with Magnolia Turf. Our professionals will work with you to create a beautiful design and take care of site preparation and installation.


What’s our secret to high-quality artificial lawn installations? We equip all of our artificial turf landscapes with four layers of protection:

The optimal size varies depending on your property’s square footage. A good starting point for a residential putting green is 500 square feet. Commercial putting greens typically start around 1,500 square feet, while professional courses range from 5,000 to 6,000 square feet.

While the life expectancy of our artificial golf turf is 15+ years, we offer a 15-year warranty if you require a replacement.

Magnolia Turf’s Putting Greens cost per square foot starts at $10.00. However, the artificial putting green cost will vary between projects. The cost of a backyard golf green can be influenced by the following

  • Putting green dimensions
  • Type of landscape
  • Base volume
  • Total edging used  
  • Special add-ons

Magnolia Turf’s putting greens give the Texas golfer of any skill level the ability to simulate the feel and roll of true bentgrass. Our three styles, True Putt, P.E. Putt and Nylon Putt, have been rigorously tested to meet professional golf standards and provide the whole family lasting entertainment.

Get Your Putting Green Installation from Magnolia Turf

Prepare to bring the greens on the PGA onto your property with Magnolia Turf. Our synthetic turf replicates tour greens while staying within your budget. Our team designs and installs your greenery. Let us know what you’re looking for.