Modern Design Ideas for an Artificial Grass Driveway

September 1, 2022

If you want to do something different with your driveway, consider using artificial grass to add a bit of greenery. You can combine artificial turf and pavers to build a driveway that stands out and appeals to you in many different ways. 

While you can use your imagination to create a unique design, seven ideas can help you get started.

Artificial grass driveway with square pavers

1. Use Square Pavers to Build an Artificial Grass Driveway

A basic idea for your driveway design is to install a series of square or block pavers. You can leave gaps between the pavers that are just a few inches wide. 

Alternatively, use square gaps that are equal in size to the pavers to create a checkerboard design. Either concept requires installing the pavers first and adding artificial turf in the empty spaces.

Since quality artificial grass won’t grow or turn yellow, you won’t have to worry about much upkeep. Follow the paver manufacturer’s instructions for extending the lifetime of the concrete or stone pavers. Typically, this involves applying a sealant and repairing small cracks as soon as they form.

2. Create a Unique Design with a Variety of Shapes

While block pavers come in a few different styles, such as diamonds, squares, and chevrons, a geometric concrete pavement installer can create any design you choose. This allows you to opt for one single shape repeated through the entire driveway length, or you can create a design that incorporates several different shapes.

This concept involves using artificial turf to fill in blank spaces. You can hire professionals to install artificial grass for you. 

Multi-shape driveway pavers and artificial grass

3. Add a Walkway and Driveway Together

A project that’s simpler to complete is to lay an entire driveway alongside a stone walkway or flagstone. Once you install the concrete driveway and accompanying walkway, fill in the space between them with synthetic turf. You’ll still have a driveway with artificial grass, but the installation process will be much easier.

Cut close to the stone and concrete sides as you roll out the turf between the driveway and flagstone. Leaving a gap that’s too wide will cause problems down the road, so keep it about one-eighth of an inch wide for an appearance that looks professional and clean.

4. Surround Concrete Strips with Artificial Turf

Artificial grass driveway strips are a popular idea for homeowners who want to limit the amount of concrete they have to pour on their property. If you’d like to maintain a more environmentally friendly look, install two strips of concrete that lead from the street to your garage. 

When planning this type of artificial grass driveway, you must measure strips precisely. You will want to ensure your vehicle’s tires will fit on the concrete on both sides. Fill the space between the strips and on either side of the driveway with artificial turf.

You can also use this idea with other types of pavers, but make sure the type of stone you choose will support the weight of your vehicle. Pavers that are too thin or fragile will crack under the weight of a car.

Concrete strips with artificial turf

5. Create a Crisscross Design

Another idea for an artificial grass driveway is to use larger concrete pavers, setting them from point to point in a diamond-shaped design. Complete the setup by filling the spaces between the pavers with artificial turf. You can also add an artificial turf border to frame the driveway. 

6. Abandon the Geometric Shapes

If you want something a little more abstract, you should know that you don’t have to choose a specific geometric shape. You can get stone pavers that are randomly shaped with curving edges to resemble natural stone more closely. 

When designing this type of driveway, remember that it will involve trimming the artificial turf in irregular patterns. Trimming will require a great deal of patience since precision will matter. 

You can lay the turf over the stones and press down to see where the edges of the stones line up beneath the turf. Doing so will give you an outline for trimming the edges of the turf.

Geometric driveway pavers

7. Build a Reverse Driveway

Rather than laying a complete concrete driveway and filling spaces with artificial turf, do the opposite. Create a driveway made from synthetic grass and frame the driveway with a concrete, stone, or brick border.

This type of driveway will require a little more maintenance. You’ll have to stay alert to oil and gas spills so that you can rinse down your turf regularly. Otherwise, stains will discolor the turf, and you’ll have to replace sections from time to time.

The advantage of this design is that you can park on a softer surface. The sun won’t bake the ground beneath your vehicle, which will be gentler on your tires. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Get a Little Help from the Pros

From design to installation, getting professional assistance to create your artificial grass driveway can be helpful. The team at Magnolia Turf can help you get the results you envision for your driveway. Our installation services can also save you time, labor, and money in completing your project. Request a free estimate on your turf installation today!